A Christmas Carol: The Lost Chapter

In a similar vein to the ghost story (previous post), here is a ‘missing chapter’ from Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, in which we find Bob Cratchett troubled at work

For a moment, drawn across the painstaking hour within a second, like the quivering Continue reading “A Christmas Carol: The Lost Chapter”

Ghost Story

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be starting a PGCE in English and English Literature. Since my MA was specifically concerned with English language, and my first degree was in Philosophy, the course provider wanted some evidence that I knew something about English literature. Hence, I was required to undertake a SKE course. As part of that course, I had to explore Creative Writing, and as part of that I had to write a ghost story, following Victorian Continue reading “Ghost Story”

A quick introduction

No doubt some people visiting this blog will have run into me: This isn’t my first blog, and I was quite active on social media until fairly recently. What happened? The truth is, I grew disillusioned with my profession, and the positive views I had of ESL have not returned. For all the countless hard-working professionals and optimistic students, it is an industry characterised chiefly by its shoddiness, and once you accept that, and refuse to endorse the bullying, the greed, that sheer lack of professionalism, and all else wrong with it, you find yourself hard pressed to continue in the job.

So, I stepped back. I wiped the slate clean, as it were, and took some time to reflect. I still want to teach; I love teaching, absolutely love it, and I don’t regret doing what I’ve done, and learning what I’ve learned. But not in ESL. Mainstream education and EAP, yes, but not ESL. Not anymore. There are plenty of upstanding people fighting that fight from within the industry, and I commend them whatever our differences may be, but joining those ranks doesn’t interest me, and I’m happy to leave them to it.

I did, however, begin to miss some of the discussions and opportunities to explore and to delve into English language and teaching matters, hence this blog. Maybe, in a few months, I’ll delete everything and take a break from it all, again, as I have a habit of doing. Until then, I’ll just see what I come up with.